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Welcome to the Head's Blog 

Please visit the Head's Blog regularly for news, information and communications from Darite Academy.
We will use this blog to share the learning, fun and enjoyment that happens at Darite.

Mr Whipps, Head of School.


Theseus Returns! 

Coding Challenge

As part of the wider curriculum, Class 3 are looking at Ancient Greece. We are writing myths that would make Homer proud. To link with this, the children are learning to use Blue Bots to navigate mazes - just like Theseus and the Minotaur. 

They looked at basic controls this week (I was run over several times!) ready for desiging simple courses next week. 

Well done Year 5 and 6. Find out more on the Class 3 blog! 

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Welcome back! 

Welcome back to school!

It has been a wonderful day at school. Even the weather was shining and smiling on the start of the new school year. It was super to see the new Reception children in the morning after an exciting time for their first day at school. Having our first whole-school assembly in the hall was a highlight for me!

It was fantastic to welcome Mrs Thomas to school. She has settled in already and the children are really enjoying having her in Class 3. Mrs Dungey also returned as well, meaning we are back to full staffing. I spoke to all the children and it sounded like they all had a fantastic holiday and have come back excited and ready to learn. Thank-you for your continued support of the school last year. With the relaxing of some restrictions, we are hoping to be able to welcome visitors back to school soon. Please watch this space for upcoming events!

Remember that if you have any questions about school, please speak to your class teacher or Mrs Evett at the office. 

I know that you will have received an email from the trust this afternoon about completing the permissions for photos, trips, medications etc. on Arbor. It is really important that these are completed soon as they allow staff to plan in more detail. Even if nothing has changed since last year, please can you re-complete the forms so we have the most up to date information. If you are having trouble logging in, please contact Mrs Evett in the office.  

If you think you are eligible for the Pupil Premium, please can you complete an application form here. It is available to all children from Reception up, and provides school with additional funding and resources that we can use to support the children. We know that all children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 are entitled to receive free meals, however this provides additional funding to the school that can help provide additional opportunities to the children. 

Keep checking the website and class blogs for more updates about learning at Darite. 

Mr Whipps


Have a lovely summer 

Thank-you for all your help.

What an emotional day after an emotional year! Today we bid the fondest of goodbyes to Year 6 who leave us for the next stage in their schooling adventure. We will remember them all so fondly and wish them nothing but the best of luck. As I said in the assembly on Wednesday, they are an amazing group of children who light up the class and school and are a credit to themselves and you as parents and carers. There is nothing they will not be able to do. One of my favourite quotes is by the American essayist John Burroughs who said “If you think you can do it, you can.” This is a motto I would love Year 6 to remember going forwards. Good luck, we will miss you all and you are amazing. Farewall also to the wonderful Miss Swift. She has only been at Darite for a short time but will be part of the Darite family forever. Good luck at your new school, they are very lucky to have you. 

It is the end of another strange and, at times, stressful year but everyone at school is so proud of how well the children have coped through bubble closures, lockdown, remote learning and returning to school not to mention the countless things that have been happening at home this year. They have been wonderful and we are so pleased with how hard they have worked and how much support they have given each other and the staff.

We would also like to thank you for your support of the children this year. I know that it has not been easy whether you have been working from home, were furloughed and supporting the children with home learning. Just being there through the pandemic has played a huge part in how well the children have coped in these uncertain times.

We will be sending out communication about the start of the new school year. We are being guided by any changes in guidance from the government which is subject to change. When I have further details, I will let you know.

We really hope the children (and you) have a wonderful holiday and summer break and stay safe whatever you are doing.


Summer Fun 

Heatwave Fun

The whole school took advantage of the amazing weather yestersday to get outside into the Wild Tribe area and roast marshmallows around the fire. There was an air of competitiveness as Class 2 were challenged to make the highest, free-standing stick tower (1.83m was the winner!!!) and Class 3 channeled their inner Michelangelo, creating natural portraits. 

The afternoon was a great fun and the children had a wonderful time. Thank-you to Miss Godby for aarranging the fun. 

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Friday Update 

Sport, sport and more sport!

What a sporting week it’s been! From the lows of the Euro’s on Sunday to the highs of Sports Day on Wednesday, the talk of the school has been about sport and activity. Below are some letters that children in Year 3 wrote to the England players in support of their performance on Sunday. This kind and thoughtful nature is indicative of so many of the children at Darite and is a credit to them.

In Sports Day, the children did brilliantly, and ran their hearts out in their events. It was disappointing to have to make the day for children only but I hope you have had a chance to watch the videos on Teams to celebrate at home. Thank-you for you support and understanding in this matter.

They all had great fun in their Penathlon sessions yesterday and were wearing their medals with pride!

As you know, Monday marks the next step in the relaxing of the nation COVID restrictions. The DfE affords schools the option of making their own choices in which aspects of this they follow based on individual sites, staff and risk assessments. With that in mind, and with only a week left of the school year we, along with many other schools in our trust and others, have chosen to keep the current arrangements in place in regards to bubbles, school times and masks being worn when picking up and dropping off. There are a lot of fun activities planned for next week (please see the dates section of the newsletter) and it would be such a shame if children had to miss it due to a positive COVID case. Please can you continue to let school know if you are “pinged” by track and trace and if you develop any COVID symptoms as soon as possible. We have procedures in school that we follow to keep everyone safe and these always start with a communication to us from you.

Enjoy the hot weather this weekend, stay safe and we will see you on Monday for the last week of the school year.

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Sports Day 

Super Sports

The children had an amazing day on Wednesday and it was stunning to see their sporting abilities.

It was such a shame that we were unable to allow parents to attend but, in the best traditions of the Olympics, we filmed the races and hope you enjoy celebrating at home. These have been uploaded securely to Teams for you too look at.

It was really useful to have some VAR to help with some of the harder decisions! Well done to the children for giving 100% as always. 

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Art Day 

Art Attack!

Due to the typical Cornish summer weather, we had to cancel our moor day. However, the staff stepped up to plan and deliver an amazing art day!

At the risk of showing my age, Darite channeled Tony Hart and Neil Buchanan creating models, prints and pictures celebrating the topic we have been learning about this term. The children loved the challenge of creating and it was great to see so much teamwork and cooperation throughout the day. 

They have PE in the afternoon and finished the day with a delicious ice cream! Thank you to all the staff for making the day so memorable. 

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Friday Update 

Weekly Updates and teasers!

Where has this half term gone?! We only have 3 weeks left of this academic year but there are a lot of exciting things coming up that we’d like to remind you of. Next week is our SRE week. The children will be having lessons on different aspects of this. Please refer back to the recent letter if you would like a refresher on the content that will be covered. Please contact the teachers if you have any questions.

Next Wednesday we are (weather permitting) hoping to have our moor day when the whole school will be having an activity day at Minions. Additional details will be forthcoming about this next week.

Finally, Friday next week will be a non-uniform day to support the school summer fayre. Children can come into school in non-uniform in exchange for £1 worth of sweets that we will be using in the tombola on the day.

We would like to congratulate Mrs Lake in being successful this week in being appointed to teach in Class 2 next year alongside Ms McLaughlin. There was strong competition but Mrs Sanson and myself were pleased to appoint Mrs Lake to the post. We are delighted that she will be staying at Darite after covering Mrs Alberts maternity leave. Please see the additional letter that has gone home today for further details about staffing for next year. Can I offer a personal thank-you for your patience with this. As you can imagine, it is a long and complicated job and it is important that we get it correct. 

As you can see, we are going to be very busy over the next few weeks. With COVID case numbers rising, please stay safe and follow the instructions for pickup and drop off. If you have any questions about this, please contact the office. Have a wonderful weekend. Mr Whipps.


Friday Update 

Another busy week!

It’s been another busy week at Darite. Mr Massey (Bridge School Trust CHief Executive) and Mrs Sanson (our Area Executive Head) came into school on Monday for a visit and to see what the children have been up to. They were really impressed with the school and the learning that they saw. Art, English and topic work were all proudly being displayed and the children did the school proud.

In other learning news, our We Are Writers book is in school and ready to order. The final date for orders is Monday the 28th June. Please use the ParentPay to place your order. We are really proud of the children for their hard work in producing the pieces of writing. Mrs Evett will be happy to help if you are having problems ordering. 

Please keep checking the class blogs on the website for up to date learning. Class 2 are really proud of their healthy snack radio adverts that will be going up soon. The end of the summer term is always busy with sports days, trips, special events and more and this is the main way that we would like to keep in touch with you.

Have a wonderful weekend. Please stay safe.

Mr Whipps


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