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Welcome to the Head's Blog 

Please visit the Head's Blog regularly for news, information and communications from Darite Academy.
We will use this blog to share the learning, fun and enjoyment that happens at Darite.

Mr Whipps, Head of School.


Final Blog of the Year 

Have a wonderful summer!

Well, after one of the hottest weeks I have known as a teacher, we find ourselves at the end of the school year! I wanted to share with you all how extremely proud I am of all of our pupils and our dedicated staff in school. This year has been another brilliantly successful one at Darite which has included so many highlights, it would take another term just to mention them all! Some of my personal favourites were being able to invite you all back into the school following COVID, the nativity at Christmas, the Class 3 activity week, Year 6 coming second in Cornwall in the LEGO league, the clay caves in Class 2, the incredible attitude to learning of all the children and so much more. I could go on, but no doubt your children will be able to share their own favourites with you. Darite is successful because everyone – teachers, support staff, children, parents, carers, the trust and governing body – all work together for the benefit of the children. Thank you to you all for your continued support of the school and children.

Sports day was another great success – fortunately the rain on Tuesday had cooled the air enough although the humidity was still really high. The support from the parents and carers really spurred the children on and it was a reminder of what school has missed during COVID. Thank-you to the PTA for selling refreshments and raising money for the school. This year they have been able to use your generous donations to subsidise trips and buy extra equipment for the school. They are another key cog in the Darite machine. If you would like to be a part of the PTA next year, please let us know by contacting Mrs Evett in the office.

Today, we say a fond farewell to our Year 6 pupils. These occasions are often sad and emotional; however, they are primarily a time for joy and celebration as we reflect on the incredible journey of our pupils and look forward to the journey that they are all about to embark upon as they move into their new secondary schools. They finished the year in style with a water fight and BBQ on Tuesday. I think the Y6 took the opportunity to pick on staff – I’ve been drier after swimming! The leaver’s assembly on Wednesday was an emotional affair as we shared our memories with each other and look forward to the next stage in the lives of the Year 6 children. During the assembly, Year 6 shared their most memorable moments at Darite, were received the annual awards and also gave out their own awards as voted for by them. Our Year 6 group this year have been outstanding; not just in their academic achievements but in the progress they have demonstrated around our core values. They are a credit to themselves, their families and our school and I would like to wish each of them every success in the future. Thank you Year 6 and good luck!

We hope that you all have a wonderfully relaxing and well deserved summer break. Everyone has worked hard this year and definitely earned the summer holiday. We will see all the children again on Tuesday 6th September. Stay safe and have a lovely break.

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What an amazing week! 

Amazing Activities and Learning. 

Wow! What a week it has been at Darite. Although the weather has been hit and miss, the children have been throwing themselves into learning.

Class 1 had an amazing Wild Tribe morning this week – thanks to Mrs Thomas for organising some amazing activities and the staff for running the session. Class 2 have been sculpting some amazing clay creations. I think David Hockney needs to watch out for the artists of the future.

Class 3 had an amazing activity week. The day at the beach was just the start with a day of Zorb football and a Nerf battle in the rain. I worked out that the children are much better at Nerf than I am. I’m glad there was some cover to hide behind! Watching the children at Adrenaline Quarry on Wednesday was a highlight. The support and encouragement they gave each other to face (and overcome) their fears was a testament to their maturity. Special credit goes to one Year 5 (who wishes to remain nameless) who stuck with their friend throughout the aqua park session, guiding and encouraging them to take part. Amazing. On Thursday they became rocket scientists, designing, building and flying rockets on a budget. Watch out ESA and NASA – Class 3 are coming! Friday saw a day of exploration on the moor above the village with rteam building games, history and generally enjoing the amazing countryside around us. Despite the many miles walked, the children were still ready for a party evening with pizza, popcorn, marshmallows and movies to name but a few! Thank you to all the parents and carers for their support with encouragement and transport in making the week possible.

Next week sees the Y6 transition days to secondary and, on Thursday, the trip to Sterts for Honk! Please make sure that you login to ParentPay to give permission and to pay the contribution towards the trip. The final 3 weeks of term are always packed with leavers assemblies, sports days and other events. Please make sure that you check the website and newsletters to keep yourself up to date with the events.

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Jubilee Excitement 

What a way to finish the half term!

Well, in the blink of an eye we have reached the end of another half term and what a way to finish! The children were resplendent in their royalty clothes (I’m sure they could give Her Majesty fashion tips) and the wonderful turn out for the jubilee celebration was superb. I can’t believe the quality of the cakes that were brought in. The judges had a really tricky time making their decisions but congratulations to everyone for being delicious!

The learning around the school has had a distinctly regal feel with art in Class 1 and 2 and Class 3 using their ICT skills to code the Sphero robots into displaying and singing patriotic songs. Thank you to one person in Year 6 who took over the lesson from me to teach this old(er) dog a new trick or two. 

A huge thanks as well to the personnel from RNAS Culdrose who made the trip from Helston to award the Lego League prize for second place in the whole county to our Year 6 team. They were unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony at Culdrose but the officers who came more than made up for that by bringing their trophies along. The children also got a chance to have a VR experience of being winched from a helicopter onto the deck of a ship. Fantastic experience and we cannot be more proud of the team. Thanks to Cdr Colin Maude – Commander Air Engineering, Lt Cdr Keith ‘Daisy’ Adams - Senior Aircraft Engineer Maritime Uncrewed Air Systems and Lt Cdr Tom Wallis - Merlin Maintenance Test Pilot for making the experience so memorable.

Finally, thank you to you all for continuing to make Darite the amazing school it is. Have a wonderful half term (hopefully the weather stays good) and we are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday the 6th June.
Finally, thank you to you all for continuing to make Darite the amazing school it is. Have a wonderful half term (hopefully the weather stays good) and we are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday the 6th June.

Mr Whipps 

Patriotic coding!

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SATs Survival! 

Mr Whipps' Weekly Update

It’s hard to believe that we only have 2 weeks left of this half term – the time seems to have flown past. This week has really shown how well the Darite family work together with the Year 6 SATs tests taking place. The children in Y6 have worked so hard in the run-up to these tests and, considering the disruption to learning from COVID, they did fantastically well. We even had a moderation visit in the middle and their superb conduct and attitude was mentioned then. We are all so proud of them for getting through the week and they thoroughly deserved their day of fun. Whatever happens with the results, we are proud of them and know that they are more than the scores of a test.

The other children in the school (along with the staff) conducted themselves amazingly, helping to support the Y6 with reassurance and quiet during the test. Year 2 will be having their assessments before the end of the half term and they have also been working hard with the preparation for these.

Thank-you to you all for helping with the preparation for the SATs. I know how stressful they can be but the children, with your help, have managed to navigate these tricky waters well. Have a well deserved weekend and a rest in the improving weather. Mr Whipps


Weekly Update 

Another busy week!

What a busy week we’ve had - it’s never dull at Darite! Even though it was only a 4 day week, we certainly crammed a lot in!

Firstly, thank-you so much for booking and coming to the parents consultations this week. The teachers really enjoyed being able to welcome you all back into school again following COVID to have a conversation about the children and their learning. If you missed the appointments this week but would like to speak to your child’s teacher, please contact the office and we can make an appointment for you.

We also welcomed the Cornish Caretakers into school on Wednesday. Hailing from the PK Porthcurno Museum of Global Communications, Class 2 had a workshop in which they learnt all about the history of communications from smoke signals, through carrier pigeon to modern phones. Every day is a school day and I learnt that 97% of global communications still travel through the cables at Porthcurno! The whole school then had a hilarious performance and a sing song. I am having to keep my eye open as the smoke signals said that someone in Class 1 was looking to hold a takeover of the school! Thanks so much for PK Porthcurno for coming in.

Class 2 had an amazing trip to Wheal Martyn on Thursday. They all set an amazing example and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things and learning from them today! Thanks to all the additional adults who came to support. We can’t do trips without you. T

o finish the week we had a professional photographer in school today taking pictures of the children for the school and trust website. The children, staff and school were praised for their attitude to learning and the welcoming nature.

Phew! I hope you all have a well deserved weekend. Mr Whipps

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Welcome Back 

Welcome back to the summer term!

I hope that you managed to have a some time to relax over the Easter break and there wasn’t too much chocolate eaten! It is hard to believe that we have only been back a week and we have reached the summer term!

The children have all been working hard in class and it is always a privilege to be able to walk round and see the learning going on. The children were keen to show me their learning and the enthusiasm across the school really makes a difference.

The police were in this week, working with Class 3 on their Mini Police scheme. This was an opportunity for the children to see the police in another light. They told the class about their role and how they are there to help. The children did work on online safety, antisocial behaviour and then planned and carried out a social action campaign on issues close to their heart (make sure you pay attention to the new posters up around the school!) I would like to thank the police for their time and also the children. Both officers said what a wonderful welcome they received from Darite and that it was one of the kindest schools they have visited. The children each recieved a certificate and a Mini Police cap to take away as a sign of their hard work. 

There are a few key dates coming up that I wanted to draw your attention to. Thank-you to everyone who has booked a session for the parents consultations next week. Remember, these are booked through Arbor online and can be either in person or a phone conversation. If you are having issues with using Arbor, please contact Mrs Evett and she will be able to help you. Class 2 are visiting Wheal Martyn next week. Please login to ParentPay to give permission if you have not already done so.

Next Thursday there will be a short session after school for Year 6 parents as we lead up to the SATs assessments on the week beginning the 9th May. It is a short session to help you understand what is going to happen and how you can support the children on the run up to this nerve-wracking time. Please come along at 3.10 to find out more.

Please enjoy the long bank holiday weekend and we will see all the children back on Tuesday.

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Moorland Magic  

Moorland Day

What a wonderful day we had on Thursday. The sun shone, legs ached and smiles were seen all over Minions Moor for our Moor Day. The children did amazingly well and the staff from Arena commented on the behaviour and enthusiasm. They took part in three workshops. They created a group collage telling the stories of the Hurlers stones (I learnt that one yesterday!), learning about navigation and creating a moorland shaker using natural materials.

The walk was fantastic with spotting the signs of mining heritage and the wildlife (although my legs were feeling all of the 13,000 steps I did). Well done to the children for their attitude and maturity. The children at school know that I love a quote and one person (who wishes to remain nameless) told me “I’m up here so often but this is brilliant to do some activities. Learning is fun in school but it’s great to have a break!”.

The children are a credit to themselves and the school. 


World book day 2022 

World Book Day 2022

What an amazing (and full of famous faces) day we had today. We saw Enid Blyton characters , Roald Dahl  favourites and lots of superheroes! Princesses and the whole school of Hogwarts were also in attendance!

We had a great start with a reading breakfast. It was lovely to see so many parents joining us to hear the children and share their love of books. Thanks so much to all those who joined us and for everyone who reads at home. 

We were also very lucky to have Ellie Jackson - the author of the Wild Tribe Hero books. We’re only the 5th school in the world to hear the new story about Ziggy the bee. It was fantastic and I can’t wait for you to be able to read it. Thank you so much to Ellie for coming in. 

We all joined in with the Puffin Live lesson with author tip, guides from illustrators. The children loved it. 

In the school spilt up and each group did a range of book day activities. I’m sure it he children can’t wait to tell you about their day!


Another Amazing Week 

Wonderful Learning

What a week we’ve had at Darite! Balancability took place on Thursday and it was lovely to see the younger children whizzing around on the playground. The coach commented on how good the children were and that he had a great time in our school.

It was Children’s Mental Health week and the children have been discussing their feelings, creating “Support Balloons” and “Reaching for the Stars.”. The maturity of the children in these discussions have demonstrated real maturity and emotional intelligence.

My final special mention this week has to go to Year 6 for their work in the Cornish heat of the National Lego League event. For the last few months they have working incredibly hard on the project and yesterday competed remotely against 20 (!) other teams from across the county. They were one of the youngest teams to enter, other competitors being from secondary schools and colleges!

The day included creating a programmable robot to compete in the robot game, completing missions based on the theme of cargo transportation. They coded brilliantly and scored 255 points! The second aspect included inventing something that would help the world in terms of transport – keep you eyes peeled for the Darite Stair-climbing Robot! This project had to be presented to the judges (an air-force engineer and a tutor from the robotic program at Truro and Penwith college - no pressure!) and they were grilled about their choices and reasoning. Some comments from the judges include: “They were enthusiastic, joyful and they made us feel enthusiastic too.” “The design and iterations were excellent and showed good problem solving skills”. “Don’t hit too many chickens in the future! – Use your designer to put your logo on the roboto!” (ask Y6 about the last one!”

They truly did themselves proud and I for one could not be more proud of them. The children were over the moon when the closing ceremony occurred and they discovered they had come second overall from the whole county! Not only that, but they have been awarded the Innovation Project award by the judges for their stair climbing project. This means that they have a chance to complete in the NATIONAL finals alongside teams from across the UK. I will work with the children and parents with the logistics of this. Once again, I am so proud of all the children.

Have a lovely weekend.

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