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Mr Whipps, Head of School.


Literacy Event 

Posted: 30/10/2019
Thomas Whipps

Class 2 go to University!

Class 2 had an amazing trip to the University of Plymouth to be inspired and enthused by the author David Lawrence Jones. He is also one of the chancellors of the Children’s University. 

He is a real life author who began his journey at the age of 9!


Bin it roadshow! 

Posted: 29/10/2019
Thomas Whipps

The Bin It Roadshow

We were really lucky to start the half term with a visit from the Bin It Roadshow team. We learned about why littering is bad and how we can stop it. The children didn’t know that littering is habitual and we know how to break it. We found out that it takes just one nappy 500 to 600 years to degrade! We also learnt about the history of gum. The UK chews more gum than Russia AND China! 

The show was educational, fun and very interactive. Thanks so much for the Bin It team for their show. 


Wear It Pink 

Posted: 18/10/2019
Thomas Whipps

Wear it Pink

Thank-you to all the parents, carers and children for supporting Wear It Pink 2019. The school was a riot of colour to support this worthy cause. Watch this space for the grand total. 


Homework Heroes 

Posted: 09/10/2019
Thomas Whipps

Homework Heroes

Thank you to all the children and parents who have commented on the new homework menus that we have been trying this half term. The children have been incredibly motivated and the quality of the learning they are doing outside of school is a testament to them. We have had amazing art, terrific technology, magnificent models and fabulous food!

One of the children in Class One was so motivated that she wrote to Sir David Attenborough for her homework. She has been inspired by the topic of famous people and her love of nature and the planet. She was delighted when she received a personalised response from Sir David himself!

We are so proud of the work that the children are putting into all areas of their learning.


Fire Brigade 

Posted: 09/10/2019
Thomas Whipps

Fire service visit. 

Class one got the term off to a red hot start with their visit from the fire brigade. They came in to share tips on fire safety and to help the class put out their Great Fire of London!


House Captains 

Posted: 08/10/2019
Thomas Whipps

House Captains

At Darite we recognise that the children themselves play a huge role in making the school the wonderful place to learn that it is. 

Their views are already represented by the school council and, this week, we launched the House Captain campaign for Year 6. These pupils will form a core group who will help teachers work on monitoring and improving the school. They will also form part of the Learning Detectives. 

All Year 6 children are being given the opportunity to run for house captain. They will have to present an application to Mr Whipps and then campaign to the whole school before an election next week. Watch this space!


Parent session 

Posted: 03/10/2019
Thomas Whipps

99 club parent session

We opened our doors on Thursday to show the changes that have been made to the 99 club. The new sheets were compared to the old versions alongside the National Curriculum to let parents and carers see how the work links together. 


Climate Warriors 

Posted: 20/09/2019
Thomas Whipps

Climate Change Champions

Class 2 followed up their Skype chat with Luci Isaacson with a personal visit! They found out about what they can do to play their part to protect our environment. They looked at the 10 climate pledges that are little things everyone can do to make a difference. They are going to follow this with creating a song that will be performed at Eden!


We love reading! 

Posted: 13/09/2019
Thomas Whipps

Darite LOVES reading!

Everyone loves reading at Darite. To promote our love of reading, on Friday the 13th, we celebrated Roald Dahl day in style! We had our Reading breakfast, book exchange, shared reading between classes AND dressed up as our favourite characters.

We also launched Reading Karate to encourage reading at home. Please look at the celebration page of the website for more photos of our fantastic day. https://www.dariteprimary.co.uk/Our_Children/Celebrations

 Thanks to all the parents and carers, staff and children for making the day such a huge success!


Reading Breakfast 

Posted: 13/09/2019
Thomas Whipps

Reading Breakfast

The school was alive this morning with the smell of toast and reading! 

As part of Roald Dahl day and to share our love of reading, we had our first reading breakfast. The children were resplendent in their book costumes and loved reading to the parents and relatives who joined us for the day. Thank you to everyone who joined us.


Welcome Back 

Posted: 10/09/2019
Thomas Whipps

Welcome to Autumn Term

Can we welcome you all back after what has hopefully been a very relaxing and well deserved summer. The children have been very excitedly telling the staff about their adventures.

We have got stuck in to our new topics which are linked to a key question that the children will be investigating. We are all very excited about letting the children guide their own learning journeys. 

Ask always, the first port of contact should be the class teachers, who are best placed to discuss issues and events around the learning in the classes. To make an appointment, please contact secretary@dariteprimary.co.uk. 

Thanks for your continued support of our amazing school!



Posted: 23/07/2019
Thomas Whipps

Thank-you to everyone!

As we draw close to the end of another amazing year at Darite, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the people who make Darite the stunning school it is.

We are a small school and as such, need to, and do, work closely together for the benefit of the children. Without the parents and carers, we would be unable to offer so many fantastic clubs and opportunities for trips and experiences. Thanks to Mrs Evett in the office without who messages, organisation and the key administration jobs would not be done. Special thanks go to the amazing teachers and teaching assistants who make learning at Darite so much fun. Thanks also to the governors and trust for their challenge and support. Most of all, thanks to all the wonderful children who come to our school with a smile, a wave and amazing stories to tell. You make the school such a wonderful place to work each day. 

Can we take this opportunity to wish everyone a relaxing summer break and we will see everyone back at school on the 5th of September. 

Mr Whipps 


Parent Questionnaire 

Posted: 22/07/2019
Thomas Whipps

Dear Parents,

We would like to thank you for taking the time to complete our Summer 2019 parent questionnaire. We have collated the information, you have kindly provided and can now share the results with you. Your comments and suggestions help to support the school and Trust in their continued effort to improve and develop areas within current systems to enrich parental communications and reach out to wider audiences.

Here are just a few of your comments, so thank you once again for your valuable contribution.

T Whipps
Head of School


Show Success 

Posted: 15/07/2019
Thomas Whipps

Liskeard Show Star

Congratulations go to one of children in Year 6 who, for the first time joined in the adult class showing his sheep at the Liskeard show. He was hugely successful and we’re all amazed at his skills. Congratulations!

These are just the rosettes he could hold!



Posted: 14/07/2019
Thomas Whipps

Class One's Elmer Hunt!

Class One linked their learning of the sea with our local area on the 12th July when they visited Mount Edgcumbe. They spotted boats and ships, explored the grounds, took part in the Plymouth Elmer trail and enjoyed an ice-cream!

All the children had a fantastic time and were wonderful ambassadors for the school. Well done Class One.


Class 3 Trethevy 

Posted: 11/07/2019
Thomas Whipps

Archaeology Workshop 

Class 2 began their archaeology experience with a workshop from Iain and Robyn from the Cornwall Heritage service. They spoke all about the technology of the different ages along with the History of Trethevy Quoit. The children loved the session where they looked at maps, tools and replica artefacts,

Trethevy Visit

To finish an amazing day, Class 2 were invited by Cornwall Heritage to visit the archaeological dig at Trethevy Quoit. The children had a chance to look at and hold artefacts, make archaeological drawings, scale drawings of artefacts and the they learned all about the geological history of Cornwall. Did you know Cornwall has been under the sea twice and has had mountains 10km high!

Thanks to everyone at the site and Iain, Robyn and Collin for their fascinating insights into prehistoric Cornwall.


Trethevy Part 1 

Posted: 10/07/2019
Thomas Whipps

Class 1 Trip to Trethevy

Class 1 had a fantastic time this morning, they were really interested, asked great questions and all of the volunteers at the site commented on their excellent behaviour, manners and level of questioning!

Well done Class 1, you did Darite proud! We found out about being an archaeologist, geologist and what Trethevy would have looked like thousands of years ago.


Alternative Sports Day 

Posted: 04/07/2019
Thomas Whipps

Sports Day(s)!

What a hugely sporty week we've had at Darite. First, on Monday we had an alternative sports day. The children got the chance to try their hand at a range of new and exciting activities including fencing, ultimate frisbee, street dance and fencing! All the children loved the day and went home exhausted!

On Wednesday, we enjoyed the glorious day for the annual sports day. There was a veritable smorgasbord of sports from running races, obstacle courses and the daunting "Long Race!" The children all took part with great enthusiasm. Thanks to all the parents and carers who came to support. The raffle, BBQ and ice cream raised an amazing £400 towards the PTA fund!

Thank-you to everyone for your continued support of our amazing school. 


Wear Yellow 

Posted: 21/06/2019
Thomas Whipps

Wear Yellow Day

To show our support for those people who suffer from cystic fibrosis, we joined in the with national Wear Yellow day. The weather even agreed and the sun shone to match the bright colours! Thank-you to everyone who joined in to support the day. We are still totaling up the donations but watch this space to find out how much we raised!



Posted: 18/06/2019
Thomas Whipps

Proper Pasties

Class 2 decided they wanted to look at food miles as part of their topic. They chose to make pasties as an example and looked at how far the ingredients for parties have to travel. 

They then spent an afternoon making them ready to eat at Wild Tribe. I only hope they made enough for me!



Posted: 18/06/2019
Thomas Whipps

Wood Donation

We were delighted today when Richards Builders Merchants delivered the wood that they have kindly donated to school. It will be used to improve our Wild Tribe area and help to build a new shelter and mud kitchen. 

Thanks to everyone at Richards for their kind support, and the parent volunteers who are working tirelessly to improve the provision we can give to our children.


Wild Tribe 

Posted: 17/05/2019
Thomas Whipps

Wild Tribe Day

What an amazing day the whole school had on the 17th. To celebrate the end of SATs and to make the most of our wonderful grounds, the whole school enjoyed a day of Wild Tribe. There were fires, dens and cooking galore as well as scavenger hunts and tree identification. A fantastic day was had by everyone. 


Busy Week! 

Posted: 17/05/2019
Thomas Whipps

What a busy week!

Well, it's been another fantastic and busy week at Darite Academy. We've had picnics by historical monuments, Jackanory style story-telling a whole school day of Wild Tribe! Alongside that, Year 6 have done a few tests. We are always so proud of all the children at school in all areas of their learning.  What an amazing place Darite is!



Posted: 16/05/2019
Thomas Whipps

Trethevy Quoit

On the 15th May, Class One took advantage of the amazing weather and walked up to Trethevy Quoit as part of their topic. They have been learning about the local area and what better way to embed their learning than by visiting a famous monument on our doorstep!

They enjoyed a picnic, countryside work and an opportunity to learn about the monument. A huge thank-you to all the parents and helpers for your support and accompaniment.


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