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Mr Whipps, Head of School.


Show Success 

Posted: 15/07/2019
Thomas Whipps

Liskeard Show Star

Congratulations go to one of children in Year 6 who, for the first time joined in the adult class showing his sheep at the Liskeard show. He was hugely successful and we’re all amazed at his skills. Congratulations!

These are just the rosettes he could hold!



Posted: 14/07/2019
Thomas Whipps

Class One's Elmer Hunt!

Class One linked their learning of the sea with our local area on the 12th July when they visited Mount Edgcumbe. They spotted boats and ships, explored the grounds, took part in the Plymouth Elmer trail and enjoyed an ice-cream!

All the children had a fantastic time and were wonderful ambassadors for the school. Well done Class One.


Class 3 Trethevy 

Posted: 11/07/2019
Thomas Whipps

Archaeology Workshop 

Class 2 began their archaeology experience with a workshop from Iain and Robyn from the Cornwall Heritage service. They spoke all about the technology of the different ages along with the History of Trethevy Quoit. The children loved the session where they looked at maps, tools and replica artefacts,

Trethevy Visit

To finish an amazing day, Class 2 were invited by Cornwall Heritage to visit the archaeological dig at Trethevy Quoit. The children had a chance to look at and hold artefacts, make archaeological drawings, scale drawings of artefacts and the they learned all about the geological history of Cornwall. Did you know Cornwall has been under the sea twice and has had mountains 10km high!

Thanks to everyone at the site and Iain, Robyn and Collin for their fascinating insights into prehistoric Cornwall.


Trethevy Part 1 

Posted: 10/07/2019
Thomas Whipps

Class 1 Trip to Trethevy

Class 1 had a fantastic time this morning, they were really interested, asked great questions and all of the volunteers at the site commented on their excellent behaviour, manners and level of questioning!

Well done Class 1, you did Darite proud! We found out about being an archaeologist, geologist and what Trethevy would have looked like thousands of years ago.


Alternative Sports Day 

Posted: 04/07/2019
Thomas Whipps

Sports Day(s)!

What a hugely sporty week we've had at Darite. First, on Monday we had an alternative sports day. The children got the chance to try their hand at a range of new and exciting activities including fencing, ultimate frisbee, street dance and fencing! All the children loved the day and went home exhausted!

On Wednesday, we enjoyed the glorious day for the annual sports day. There was a veritable smorgasbord of sports from running races, obstacle courses and the daunting "Long Race!" The children all took part with great enthusiasm. Thanks to all the parents and carers who came to support. The raffle, BBQ and ice cream raised an amazing £400 towards the PTA fund!

Thank-you to everyone for your continued support of our amazing school. 


Wear Yellow 

Posted: 21/06/2019
Thomas Whipps

Wear Yellow Day

To show our support for those people who suffer from cystic fibrosis, we joined in the with national Wear Yellow day. The weather even agreed and the sun shone to match the bright colours! Thank-you to everyone who joined in to support the day. We are still totaling up the donations but watch this space to find out how much we raised!



Posted: 18/06/2019
Thomas Whipps

Proper Pasties

Class 2 decided they wanted to look at food miles as part of their topic. They chose to make pasties as an example and looked at how far the ingredients for parties have to travel. 

They then spent an afternoon making them ready to eat at Wild Tribe. I only hope they made enough for me!



Posted: 18/06/2019
Thomas Whipps

Wood Donation

We were delighted today when Richards Builders Merchants delivered the wood that they have kindly donated to school. It will be used to improve our Wild Tribe area and help to build a new shelter and mud kitchen. 

Thanks to everyone at Richards for their kind support, and the parent volunteers who are working tirelessly to improve the provision we can give to our children.


Wild Tribe 

Posted: 17/05/2019
Thomas Whipps

Wild Tribe Day

What an amazing day the whole school had on the 17th. To celebrate the end of SATs and to make the most of our wonderful grounds, the whole school enjoyed a day of Wild Tribe. There were fires, dens and cooking galore as well as scavenger hunts and tree identification. A fantastic day was had by everyone. 


Busy Week! 

Posted: 17/05/2019
Thomas Whipps

What a busy week!

Well, it's been another fantastic and busy week at Darite Academy. We've had picnics by historical monuments, Jackanory style story-telling a whole school day of Wild Tribe! Alongside that, Year 6 have done a few tests. We are always so proud of all the children at school in all areas of their learning.  What an amazing place Darite is!



Posted: 16/05/2019
Thomas Whipps

Trethevy Quoit

On the 15th May, Class One took advantage of the amazing weather and walked up to Trethevy Quoit as part of their topic. They have been learning about the local area and what better way to embed their learning than by visiting a famous monument on our doorstep!

They enjoyed a picnic, countryside work and an opportunity to learn about the monument. A huge thank-you to all the parents and helpers for your support and accompaniment.


May Fayre 

Posted: 14/05/2019
Thomas Whipps

May Fayre Fun

Thank-you to everyone who made the May Fayre on Saturday such an amazing success. There were tombolas, children running stalls, food, drink and games galore!

A highlight has to be the Maypole dancing which is always wonderful to see. The live musical accompaniment from Common Morris was an added bonus. 

We are still counting up the last of the money but it looks like we raised about £500 to support the children in school! What a superb total! 

Thanks to the PTA for their planning and running of the day. 



Posted: 09/05/2019
Thomas Whipps


Some of the Year 4 children had the opportunity to take part in the Bikeability scheme. This involved learning about how to keep their bike safe and roadworthy as well as the essential skills of how to stay safe whilst out and about on their bikes. Well done to all those who took part. We are all very proud of your success!



Posted: 24/04/2019
Thomas Whipps

STOMPing Fun!

Class 2 got off to an amazing start to the half term when they got creative in Wild Tribe. They watched some clips of the group STOMP and then used natural materials and equipment in the Wild Tribe area to compose, rehearse and perform their own pieces. 

It was noisy, creative but fantastic fun. 


Welcome Back! 

Posted: 24/04/2019
Thomas Whipps

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Darite. We all hope you've had a fantastic Easter break and were able to take advantage to the glorious weather. This is a short half term but packed full of learning and fun! Thanks for all your help and support in making Darite the amazing school it is!


Easter Fun 

Posted: 05/04/2019
Thomas Whipps

Easter Bonnets

Friday saw the 2019 Darite Easter Bonnet Parade. What a high standard of entries there were! An independent adjudicator made the final decision to keep things fair and worthy winners were chosen. 

Well done to all those who entered.



Posted: 04/04/2019
Thomas Whipps

University Graduates!

They start early at Darite! We were all immensely proud of two of our students in Year 3 who attended the Children's University graduation on the 3rd April. Both boys have attended the university for 100 hours! 

They wore their graduation gowns and even got a chance to throw their mortar boards in the air! What great role models and and experience of what the future could hold.

Congratulations to them both!


Sporting Success 

Posted: 02/04/2019
Thomas Whipps

Sporting Fun 

The whole school came together on the 2nd April to take part in an Easter sporting event. The children from Class 3 who were not on the London trip, spent time on a Monday designing, planning and organising 7 different sporting events. The other children from the school then spent a fantastic afternoon taking part. The Class 3 children ran and scored the events and a great time was had by all. 


Marvelous Miro 

Posted: 29/03/2019
Thomas Whipps

Art Extravaganza!

Class 3 have been continuing to work with artist Sean Hewitt on their project about Miro. They began the half term looking at a Miro "Alphabet" and using these to design their own small scale pictures. Some children have also worked with staff outside of lessons to create their own artwork which is being displayed in school. 

Following this inspirational work, they decided to up-scale and have been working with Sean to create a large piece of work on plywood to display outside the school for everyone to enjoy. Watch this space for the date for the grand unveiling.

Thanks to Sean for his time and Richard's Builders in Dobwall for donating the wood. 


Class 2 on the Moor 

Posted: 22/03/2019
Thomas Whipps

Class 2 Love Nature

Class 2 have been taking advantage of the beautiful scenery that surrounds Darite by spending time up on the moor. They have been fording streams and discovering nature. They found a pool full of tadpoles and the children want to revisit to see how they develop. Watch this space!


University Trip 

Posted: 22/03/2019
Thomas Whipps

Class 3 Trip

Class 3 got a glimpse of the future on the 21st March when they went on a trip to Plymouth University. They joined children from other schools to find out about university life and what it's like to study there. They also had the chance to take part in a workshop. They all had a fantastic time and represented the school brilliantly. 


Red Nose Day 

Posted: 21/03/2019
Thomas Whipps

Red Nose Day Fun

The 15th of March found staff and pupils at Darite sporting red and some very wacky hair! We had bunches, pig-tails, unicorn horns and a lot of gel and hair-spray! The cake sale at break was very popular and that, coupled with the money raised for the hair and non-uniform raised a stunning amount of money for a very worthwhile cause. Well done Darite!


Cross Country Stars 

Posted: 21/03/2019
Thomas Whipps

Cross Country

The amazing success of the school Cross Country team continues as over 20 of our runners have been awarded medals at the Cross Country League Presentation Evening. This is a fantastic success for a small school and our congratulations go out to all the runners who regularly take part. Our thanks to all the adults who make it possible (and wash the muddy kits afterwards!)


Outdoor Learning 

Posted: 13/03/2019
Thomas Whipps

Visit to the donkeys.

Class One had a fantastic afternoon walking on the moor to go and see the donkeys. They were able to feed them carrots as well as enjoying a walk on the moor! Thank you to the helpers, parents and staff who made the trip possible.


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