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Class 3

Teacher: Miss Godby
Teaching Assistant: Mr Dickinson 

Hello and welcome to Class 3. 

We will use this page to keep you updated with what's going on in Class 3 and share our home learning.


Information from Liskeard School and Community College 

Year 6 

Hello again everyone.

A video from Mr Lingard detailing plans for September at Liskeard School and Community College is available here


Home Learning week beginning 13th July  

Hello everyone!

Well we are in our final week of home learning and the last full week of term. This week will be the year 6 leavers treat on Wednesday and the Leavers Assembly on Friday morning. If you have any messages that you would like to be shared with your friends in year 6 in their Leavers Assembly, please email them to me for inclusion on the day. Although it's not the end of term just yet, I'm sure you will join me in wishing them the very best of luck for the future.

Year 5, look out for more information this week regarding Teams. We are hoping to start a simple bit of commination via Teams early this week and an online meeting before the summer holidays start: I'm looking forward to seeing your faces and hearing how you all are.  I have missed you all very much and imagine you've all grown massively since March! 

Maths work is posted below in a sperate post. The English work for year 5 is available here and the work for year 6 is available here. The booklets should take a week to complete and include work on grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing. 

As always, please contact me if you have worries or questions or to just say hello.

Best wishes,
Miss Godby 


Videos from Liskeard School and Community College 

Year 6

Hello everyone.

Liskeard School have sent two new videos for you and your parents to watch. 

'Welcome to Team Liskeard' is available here and 'Induction for Parents' is available here.

These videos are also available on Liskeard School and Community College's web page. There will be another video available before the end of term with more details regarding what school will look like for year 7s in September. 

Let me know if you have any issues accessing the videos.


Friday 10th July 

Year 5 

Today's task is free reading. Choose a book, comic, e-book, magazine or audiobook and spend sometime enjoying a good story or information book. Remember to pass on any recommendations so they can be shared with the class. 

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Godby 


Thursday 9th July  

Year 5

Hello everyone.

Today's transition activity involves looking forward to being a year 6. I would like you to write a letter to yourselves that you'll open at the end of next year. In your letter you should write about anything you are looking forward to in year 6 or anything that you want to achieve. You can write about any of your worries or any obstacles that you hope to overcome. You can write about friendships that you hope to develop next year and anything else that you think about when you think of your final year at Darite Primary Academy.
If you send them in to me, I will keep them safe for next year.
Best wishes,
Miss Godby 


Wednesday 7th July 

Year 5

Hello everyone.

By now you should have heard that Miss Swift will be teaching Class 3 next year. Because you'll be having a new teacher, today's task is called, 'All About Me.' There is an activity booklet below which you can complete and will then be passed to Miss Swift so she knows a bit about you before September. You can add any extra bits of information or questions to the booklets that you wish. 
If you're working from home, please email me your booklet and I will give them to Miss Swift when we are both in school tomorrow morning when I will be letting her know about what wonderful year 5s you are!
If you're in school tomorrow, you will get the chance to meet Miss Swift (with social distancing) and ask her any questions.
I look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow,
Miss Godby 

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Mrs Davey's Retirement  

Year 5s

As you will be aware, Mrs Davey is retiring in a couple of weeks. Mrs Alberts is organising a surprise PowerPoint presentation for Mrs Davey that includes pupils sharing their memories of Mrs Davey or explaining why they are fond her. Some pupils have taken a picture of themselves holding a message for Mrs Davey. If you would like to contribute, please email your message, memory or picture to me and I will make sure Mrs Alberts receives it. 
My email address is:


Tuesday 7th July 

Colons and Semi-Colons

Today's writing task will be a revision task for many of you. There is a revision video on colons and semi-colons available here.

The worksheets are available below.

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