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Pelynt Primary Academy   Week Ending Friday 24th May 2024

Posted 25/05/2024
by Joanna Rickard

This week the children enjoyed the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ with its many concepts of learning such as counting, food, days of the week and the life cycle of a caterpillar. We have also delved deeper into the wonderful world of ‘minibeasts' and discovered some weird and wonderful creatures.   

The children have enjoyed lots of time outdoors discovering where some minibeasts may be living. We have been careful to explore but not to disturb their homes. The children have been thoroughly fascinated with what may be living under a log, or in our growing areas, and obviously inside our very own bug hotel. This independent exploring has led to some wonderful conversations and use of vocabulary between the children, and it has been lovely for us adults to observe. Outdoor learning and discovery are the best forms of development for young children, and they have totally embraced that this week. 

Alongside our outside learning, we have created some amazing caterpillar and butterfly artwork. We used balloons dipped in paint to create our caterpillar, and for our butterflies we created a pattern on one half, then folded the paper in half to mirror our designs. They all turned out so uniquely different but beautiful.  
To develop our fine motor skills we have threaded cotton wheels on to pipe cleaners to make caterpillars.

Our runner bean plants have now been planted out into our big tyre planter in the playground. Also, the children's sunflower plants have started to be sent home. Please do send us pictures and how tall they are when they are in flower!  


We hope that everyone has a lovely half term week, we return to Pre-School on Monday 3rd June.
Also, a reminder that
Friday 7
th June is an Inset day for the whole school.

The Pre-School Team



Polperro Primary Academy   Thursday 23rd May 2024

Posted 24/05/2024
by Alice Wilkie

Happy Half Term!

Just like that we have come to the end of Summer 1, and what a week we have had!

Year 2 have been busy completing their Y2 SATs papers this week. I have been very impressed with their focus and dedication - well done! 

During our Wider Curriculum sessions this week, we enjoyed Art where we learnt about our final European artist of the half term, Salvador Dali. Can you recall the names of the artists we have learnt about? We loved exploring his surrealist paintings and experimenting by mixing primary colours to create swatches in our sketchbooks.

On Tuesday, we held the NSPCC assemblies, which all the children enjoyed. We know how to keep ourselves safe and to speak out to the safe adults in our lives.

We managed to get into the swimming pool for the first time this year, which was fantastic. We played a hot potato game and enjoyed our time in the water.

In English, we concluded our Biographies and began writing our own EXPLORERS acrostic poems. We collected a range of vocabulary and composed our poems using similes and alliteration. 

In Maths, Year 3 have been working on recognising equivalent fractions on scales and number lines. Year 2 have been recognising and finding a third of shapes and numbers. We have also been accessing Mathletics to assess our understanding of Fractions.

Congratulations to Lowen for being chosen as Landaviddy's Person of the Week, and a big well done to the whole of Landaviddy Class who were recognised for their excellence this week. 

Please continue to read your coloured book during the half term and practising your KIRFS. I have also uploaded spelling activities for you to access on TwinklGo over half term with the codes for Year 2 (DM1203) and Year 3 (YJ4019). 

Reminder - Class photos are on the day we return to school, Monday 3rd June.

We hope you have a lovely half term and enjoy a well deserved rest!

Mrs Wilkie, Mrs Phillips and Miss Cullingford


Polperro Primary Academy   Talland's Class Blog 24.05.24

Posted 24/05/2024
by Ben Heasman-Langley


Throw back to my favourite day this half term (MORWELLHAM QUAY)! Why not ask your child what their favourite memory of Summer 1 has been...

It's been a very busy week in Talland:

- Decimals in Maths for both year groups - CHECK!

- Persuasive letter in English written for the council asking for recycling bins and recycling service - CHECK!

- Art collage - CHECK!

- Swimming pool open and ready for business - CHECK!


I'd like to thank all the parents of Talland for your hard work and help this term. We couldn't have gone on our amazing trip without you! We couldn't have got our wonderful art pieces completed without you! AND, the children of Talland wouldn't be so amazing without you! So thank you, thank you AND thank you some more for being fabulous!

Huge congratulations to Aria this week for being chosen as child of the week. Also, well done to Harley and Nuala for earning their new badges on 99 club!

Parents, I have one final task for you over the holidays (if the time presents itself). Please, please, please practice, quiz and practice some more - your child's times table facts all the way to 12 x 12.  

That's all from us in Talland. We hope you have the most amazing break and we can't wait to see you for our FINAL half term (WOW, this year has flown by)! 

Signing off from Mr. Langley, Mr. Bishop and Mrs. Hodge.


Polperro Primary Academy   24.5.2024

Posted 24/05/2024
by Karen Taylor

Happy Half Term Break!

I hope you've enjoyed a wonderful inset day today! 

We enjoyed a fantastic last week to finish our first half of the summer term. 

The children have been working so hard in all of their learning this week and we are super proud of the amazing efforts they make everyday!

In maths, Reception have been exploring sharing and grouping. We finished the week off with some fabulous practical maths games exploring odd/even and doubling to 12. Year 1s have been working super hard in their fractions work and they can now recognise a half and a quarter of an object, shape or quantity.

English has been really fun this week where we continued to explore the story, What the Ladybird Heard. The children have really enjoyed re-enacting the story getting into the characters of Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len and using amazing vocabulary to describe the Ladybird.

We enjoyed the NSPCC assembly in our classroom on Tuesday where we learned all about Buddy and what he considered was not ok. 

We hit the pool for our first swimming lesson of the year and although a little chilly still, we very much enjoyed it!

Well done to our people of the week this week, Felix, Esme and Evie G. They all showed examples of being excellent in their learning this week.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful Whitsun break and look forward to seeing you back in on the 3rd of June. This is the class photos day so please ensure your child is in their full school uniform.

Our PE days are on Wednesday and Friday, please ensure your child has their kit in on these days (and swimming kits for the summer term).

Finally, please try and take any chance you can to enjoy some reading together over the holidays, head onto TwinklGO! for some more learning opportunities. Year 1s will be taking part in their phonics screening checks on the week commencing 10th June so any reading will help with this. Information was sent home in book bags on Friday.

Fingers crossed for some holiday sunshine! Take care and I can't wait to hear all about your adventures on Monday 3rd.

Mrs Taylor.

Mrs G, Miss Colton, Miss Cullingford, Miss Hodge.


Wadebridge Primary Academy   Weeks 5 and 6: Under the Sea!

Posted 24/05/2024
by Kate Clarke

Weeks 5 and 6: Under the Sea! 

Another fantastic fortnight of learning brings our half-term to an end and what a lot we've packed into it! 

This last week saw our fantastic Year 1 children go a visit to Blue Reef Aquarium and there was much dancing at the FOWPA disco. Here are some of the highlights: 


We have been looking at poetry and learning about our senses. The children looked at pictures of beaches and worked in groups to make mind maps of what they could see, smell, hear, taste and feel at the seaside. We then used these ideas and added adventurous vocabulary to them to make them more interesting, for example 'seagulls' became 'squawking seagulls' and 'ice cream' became 'scrumptious, sweet ice cream'. The children then used these ideas to create their own seaside senses poems, which they showed confidence in reading out aloud to their classmates. Some really fantastic work! 


We have been exploring fractions and started with finding a half of an shape and then finding half of a group or a number. The children used concrete objects to work practically and record their answers in their books. We then moved onto finding a quarter of a shape, group and number, again, working practically to solve different problems. We ended the week by looking at position and direction and using our mathematical language of left, right, forwards and backwards to navigate around a picture board and then write instructions for a friend to follow. 


We had a letter delivered from The Singing Mermaid who told us she had unfortunately scraped her tail on a rock and damaged some of her scales. She wrote to Year 1 to ask for their help in finding a material that would be strong, lightweight and waterproof (and beautiful of course!) that she could make some new scales out of. The children set to work learning about different materials and their properties before planning and carrying out 3 experiments to find the best material. They tested if a material was waterproof by dipping it in water to see if it absorbed the water or not, stretched the materials to see which was strongest and felt them to see which was lightest. They recorded their results and found out that plastic was the best material, which children then wrote back to The Singing Mermaid to let her know their findings. 


We have been very lucky to have Pro20 in this half-term teaching the children football skills, which they have loved! They have learnt to dribble and control the ball and have played some very exciting mini games of football! Next half-term, PE goes back to being on a Thursday and we will be doing athletics on the field - running and throwing and jumping - we can't wait! 

Our School Trip 

Wow! What a fantastic time we had at Blue Reef Aquarium - the children were fantastically behaved and showed much interest in what the Blue Reef staff shared with them. We took lots of photos and talked about them after the trip and it was amazing to hear how much information they had remembered! Not only did we have a fantastic time at the Aquarium but the sun shone for us on the beach and we were able to go and play in the sand with our friends! They were amazing on the trip and we really were very proud of them. A big thank you again to all the parents who were able to help us on the trip. 


School will reopen on Monday 3rd June and we look forward to seeing you then and hearing all about the children's adventures over half-term.

PE is now on a Thursday so please send your child in full PE kit on Thursdays. 

Library books will continue to be changed on Thursdays too. 

Please do continue to read with your children over half-term and encourage them to complete some of the activities in their phonics packs - they have been very enthusiastic about completing these already, which is great to hear! 

Phonics screening checks will take place on week commencing 10th June. 

Have a wonderful half-term break and we look forward to seeing you on 3rd June. 
The Year 1 Team 


Wadebridge Primary Academy   Summer 1, Week 6

Posted 24/05/2024
by Chris Wathern

Cornwall Air Ambulance Fundraiser
Congratulations to our Nursery and Reception children who had a great time on their sponsored walk. All the children made masks, flags and banners and took on the challenge of walking or running 4 laps around our school field. We had a special visit from Andy, the pilot from Cornwall Air Ambulance, to say thank you for raising money for them.

Many thanks to FOWPA, our staff, children, parents and Regal Cinema for supporting the recent fundraising events at school. We will be able to share after half term how much was raised from these the Uniform Sale and Disco ahead of the next event, the FOWPA Quiz.

FOWPA are hosting a Non-School Uniform Day on Thursday 13th June. Children may come to school dressed in normal, casual clothes of their choice! In return, we would like to ask you for voluntary donations of luxury hamper items to be used as raffle prizes for the FOWPA Quiz Night on Friday 28th June. Suitable items for donation would be a bottle (alcohol or other), chocolates or biscuits, for example, so that we can put hampers together. FOWPA volunteers will be stood outside the school office at drop off on Thursday 13th June with trolleys to accept your wonderful donations. Please note that alcohol donations MUST be donated by an adult to either an FOWPA volunteer or brought directly into the secretary’s office (where other donations can also be made at any time). All proceeds raised from the raffle go back into supporting the children at WPA.

Thank you as always for your support.
The FOWPA Team

Online Safety
Please check the link sent by email today for some useful information and tips about keeping children safe online.

Car Park
When we return after half term, we will let you know about some changes to the car park for drop off and collection. Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution – I’ve heard it has been tweaked many times already! We will need everyone’s support in helping make drop off and collection as smooth and safe as possible. Look out for an email from me in the first week back to update you on the new arrangements.

Summer 2024 Bridge Schools Trust Parent and Carer Questionnaire

A reminder that the school survey closes today, thank you. Please check your parent email for the link.

PE Days
Please note your child's PE day below as some year groups have changed days. This is due to external providers such as Pro20 and DT Coaching having set days to come and deliver quality PE provision to our pupils. The children only have one day of PE (or split days in Year 3) but have 2 lessons during the school day to ensure they receive the required time.

Reception: Monday with Pro20 (please send children to school dressed in their PE kit)
Year 1: Thursday
Year 2: Monday (Pro20 Sports Academy)
Year 3: Monday and Wednesday (DT Coaching). 2 days due to split lessons.
Year 4: Tuesday
Year 5: Friday
Year 6: Thursday

Class Photos
On Wednesday 5th June, the school photographer will be in during the morning to take class photos. Please ensure your child is wearing full school uniform on that day. If they have PE, they will need to bring in their PE kit to change into on that day. Thank you for your co-operation.

Important dates coming up:

Monday 3rd June: Back to school

Tuesday 4th June: 14:00-16:15 Year 5 and Year 6 Quad Games at Wadebridge Secondary School – please complete form recently sent by email

Wednesday 5th June: Class Photos – Children need to wear their full school uniform to school

Thursday 6th June: Year 6 Sponsored Dance-a-thon

Friday 7th June: Community Day for Royal Cornwall Show – School closed for children

Monday 10th – Friday 14th June: Year 1 Phonics Screening Check Week

Monday 10th June: (pm) Choir singing at St Breock Care Home

Tuesday 11th June: Year 4 Multiplication Check

Thursday 13th June: FOWPA Non-Uniform Day

Friday 14th June: 09:00 SEND Coffee Morning

Friday 14th June: (pm) Year 6 Transition – KS3 Team and Year 7 Buddies visit.

Thank you for all your support this half term.
We look forward to an exciting final half term of the year, seeing everyone back on Monday 3rd June.

With very best wishes,

Chris Wathern 


Wadebridge Primary Academy   Jam first!

Posted 24/05/2024
by Ellie Lake

We just wanted to say how proud we are of Year 2. Over the past few weeks we have been doing our KS1 SATS papers. The children have taken these on with such resilience and confidence. They have been amazing!

So to celebrate this and to celebrate (a week earlier than normal) we ended Summer 1 with a scone picnic outside to celebrate National Scone Day! This was a great link to our Wider Curriculum question 'Did the Cornish do a proper job?'. Safe to safe to say there were sticky fingers all round. See you after the half term holiday.
Many thanks,
Year 2. 


Pelynt Primary Academy   Week ending Friday 24th May 2024

Posted 23/05/2024
by Suzanne Porter

Wow! What a great end to the half term. We thoroughly enjoyed our outdoor learning day with our growing and Viking theme. Our main highlight was finishing off our D.T project by making our Viking jewellery by pouring the melted metal into the mould that we crafted. We were pleased that this process was a reversible change as some did not go to plan first time. Another highlight was making miniature Viking longhouses using traditional methods.

We also enjoyed making seed balls for our local environment, planting sunflowers for a class competition and learning about what the Vikings might have eaten and planting some of these as seeds to harvest later in the year.

A massive thank you for coming to our Class 4 assembly and sharing our other recent learning with us. 

Points to remember:
Friday 24th May- INSET day. 
PE on Monday 3rd June.
Friday 7th June- INSET day.
Class 4 residential 12th-14th June 2024.


St Cleer Primary Academy   Greek Picnic

Posted 23/05/2024
by Jenifer Kite

This week, the children have been putting their cooking skills to the test! They have spent time learning about traditional Greek food, sampling some Greek specialties (tzatziki, sundried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, pita bread, dalmades), practicing their cutting, peeling and grating skills and baking.
They worked together to create Greek salads and a Greek village bread. This afternoon thy enjoyed a Greek picnic on the field.


Looe Primary Academy  

Posted 23/05/2024
by Rebecca Hughes

Half term starts here! 

Wow, here we are at another half term! The time is flying by and we are so immensely proud of the children’s effort and progress so far. When we come back after the break, we will have one half term left before the summer holidays.

Summer 2 is a busy yet exciting half term! We will have lots of transition discussions and opportunities, we will have sports day and a class trip, plus lots more exciting learning!

This week the children have been working hard in English to write their letters to Mrs Waring asking if we can go to Looe beach for our school trip. Foundation children have been exploring different questions verbally and as a challenge writing a question, Year one children have been planning and writing their letters using lots of persuasive vocabulary. I’m sure once Mrs Waring has read the letters, she will allow us to go on our trip!

In maths this week year one children have continued to explore multiplication and division; they have been exploring arrays and also sharing equal groups. Foundation children have been continuing to count beyond ten and add more and taking away.

The children have also been using bats and balls to practise returning the ball to one another. They have also continued to explore relationships in PSHE and this week the children spoke about how they are incredible and how others are incredible too!

We have used our funky fingers to thread beads up to twenty, explored 3d shapes, thought about capacity using water, role played serving people in the café, read tricky words on a track outside and SO much more!

We have had a wonderful week and half term.

We wish you all a wonderful break and look forward to seeing all the children on Monday the 3rd of June. Gentle reminder that Friday the 7th June is an INSET day.

Foundation /year 1 team.



Polperro Primary Academy   23rd May 2024

Posted 23/05/2024
by Anthea Hillman

What an exciting week with some good weather, finally. All of our classes have had time in the pool. The vegetables are coming on in the garden and greenhouse. A huge thank you to Mr and Mrs Peters for their amazing help with the garden and with our gardening club. Also thank you to Dennis Julian for his generous donation of plants. We are hoping to see the produce used in our school lunches soon.

Return of Ice Pop Fridays After half term we will be selling ice pops after school at the main gate every Friday (or Thursday if it is an INSET day) until the end of term to raise extra funds for the school. Please send your child in with £1 or bring £1 along when you pick them up if you would like to buy one.

Clubs All clubs will start again straight after half term on as follows:
• Wednesday: Lunchtime Sewing Club continues for those already signed up. If your child is signed up and does not wish to continue please let us know.
• Thursday: Lunchtime Choir practice for Year 1-Year 6 with Mrs Butlin
• Thursday: After School Gardening club with Mrs Taylor and Miss Randle Years R-6. This club has been so popular this half term and perhaps too big for every child to have a role. We will need to limit the numbers to 20 this half term, this will be on a first come first served basis with priority given to those that have not already attended.
• Friday: After School Olympics Club with Mr Langley and Mrs Turnbull for Years 3-6. An opportunity to try a range of sports.

As usual, please email to confirm which clubs your child would like to take part in.

Half Term Cricket Camps Please find attached information regarding half term cricket camps in Cornwall run by Cornwall Cricket.

Upcoming Dates Tomorrow is an INSET day. Friday 7th June is an INSET day. The school will be performing at the Polperro School Festival Day on Big Green this year on Tuesday 18th June. Sports Day is on 25th June (10am-12) with a reserve date of 27th June.

Have a lovely half term. We look forward to seeing the children back in school on Monday 3rd June when there will be class photographs in the morning.

Mrs Hillman



Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy   Week ending 24.05.24

Posted 23/05/2024
by Helen King

Relax the Rules in Lantic!!!

What a fun end to a very busy half term!

We all enjoyed taking part in the BFA 'relax the rules day' at the end of the week. There were some wonderful outfits and accessories and funny back to front lessons! Some children even ate their pudding first at lunch time!

We have been very busy bees this week investigating what makes leaves fall off of trees!  Some children from Y1 and Y2 also went on an exciting able writer's day at Bishop Cornish School.  We have been creating promise/friendship cards in R.E. as we finish off learning about how we belong - you can look forward to those coming home after half-term.  In music, we finally got to start learning how to play the African drums...

We wonder what exciting things we will be learning next half-term... have a lovely, restful break and see you soon!


Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy   Fun and phonics!

Posted 23/05/2024
by Katie Grinsted

Relax the rules!

What a fun end to a very busy half term! We all enjoyed taking part in the BFA 'relax the rules day' at the end of the week. There were some wonderful outfits and accessories and funny back to front lessons! Some children even ate their pudding first at lunch time!

We have been very busy working on our phonics skills in Tregantle this week. We have taken part in a range of different phonics games making the children experts at all of the sounds they have learnt!

The Year 1 children completed their class story 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl. The children have completed some wonderful character descriptions and book reviews which are ready to go on display in our book corner. 

After the success or releasing our butterflies last week, we have been very excited to welcome five new caterpillars into class! The children have been very observant in watching them move and eat.

We hope you all have a very enjoyable half term break! Fingers crossed for some nice weather!


Wadebridge Primary Academy  

Posted 23/05/2024
by Helen Divall

Wow, what a wonderful morning. The children were super excited to do their sponsored walk and made the nursery team proud. Morwenna and Andy the Air Ambulance mascot came to cheer us on our way.

Thank you for all of your support.


Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy   Week ending 23.05.24

Posted 23/05/2024
by Joanne Pentreath



On Tuesday, we danced the afternoon away for our Archie Project ‘Dance-a-thon’. Fun was had by all as you can see from these photos! If you can make a small donation to help this cause in raising dementia awareness then please see ParentPay. Thank you.


Today, we have relaxed some rules in school. The children and adults have worn their relaxing clothes, funny spellings were put into the spelling test, the class have chosen relaxing places to sit in the classroom and an extended playtime may have been enjoyed! Ask your children about what other fun they enjoyed today.


I hope you all enjoy a restful half term break. Again, the class have worked so hard this half-term and have made me an extremely proud teacher! 


Looe Primary Academy  

Posted 22/05/2024
by Rebecca Marshall

'Excellence' in Year 3

This week we have been looking for examples of excellence, this is one of our very important school values. We have seen 'excellence' during out TT Rockstars sessions and during PSHE where we were thinking about the things that make us feel happy. As it has been Mental Health week, the children were finding out about ways that we can look after ourselves in order that we can care for our own mental health and well-being.  


Looe Primary Academy  

Posted 22/05/2024
by Rebecca Marshall

Trip to Plymouth University
Medical Workshops
Wednesday 22nd May

As part of the Children's University, the children in Year 3 were able to take part in an incredible day at the University of Plymouth. Our day started with an exciting adventure at Central Park, the children had a great time playing together before walking to the University.

We were able to look at so many of the sites on our walk and then we met up with a couple of student ambassadors who gave us a tour of the University campus. The children were shown the library, some of the university buildings and even an example of a students accommodation. It was such an inspirational visit and one which I hope will give many of the children a real desire to possibly go to university themselves one day.

During our workshops we were taught about:

  • Hand washing
  • Caring for our teeth
  • The function of the heart and how we can listen to the heart through a stethoscope
  • The human skeleton
  • Medical tools used to check reflex, hearing and also temperature



Wadebridge Primary Academy   Year 3 Geography Trip

Posted 22/05/2024
by Lindsey Smerdon

Year 3 Geography Trip 

On Monday, Year 3 went to Treraven Farm on a geography trip. We took part in different activities including orienteering through the woods using compasses, bug and flower hunts for different types of species and fire lighting. We also walked either to Treraven Farm, or back to the school so that we could map a familiar route. The children had a great time and especially enjoyed the sunny weather and the stop at the park!


St Cleer Primary Academy   Phonics booklet 3

Posted 22/05/2024
by Jacob Lewis


Gunnislake Primary Academy   May 2024

Posted 22/05/2024
by Claire Martin

We've been learning about minibeasts so we went on a minibeast hunt during forest school and looked closely at what we found. We identified what they were and then asked questions about them. We then watched some short video clips and looked at some non-fiction books to find the answers to the questions we asked. We wrote sentences about them and sorted pictures into sets according to whether they were insects or not. We drew minibeast pictures on the iPads, made clay models and created transient art pictures. We talked about the facts we could remember during all the activities.

Over the last couple of weeks we've been focusing on how to be a good friend. Myself and Mrs Feakins have modelled various scenarios and the children have discussed whether we were being good friends or not. They then came up with ideas of how we could be better friends. They were then given various activities to do with a partner where they had to focus on listening to each other and helping each other. I was very impressed with how they worked together to create minibeast pictures. They were all very kind and worked together brilliantly. There have been many other opportunities for the children to work together during continuous provision. One of the children's favourites has been building dens together to keep cool in the shade.

In PE we've been learning to throw and catch beanbags accurately by putting one foot forward. We've been enjoying getting outside and have been playing football, building obstacle courses and practising riding 2 wheeled bikes. I'm so impressed with the children's determination as many of them can now ride these without stabilisers.


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